• Simple Student Tracking

    From your initial contact through to their departure, Cohortflow allows you to document and track your student's progression quickly and easily, reviewing their status at a glance.

    cohortflow simple student tracking
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    Improve retention rates by providing better service, easily referencing records about the student's needs.

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    Achieve a faster student outcome while reducing the amount of administration required.

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    Offer more services to your students and increase your revenue potential.

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    Increase your referrals and repeat business from satisfied students.

    Maximise Your Commissions

    Receive your commission into your Cohort Account and save on international fees. Take advantage of great foreign exchange rates.

    cohortflow maximise your commissions

    Automate the boring parts

    Spend less time organising and emailing with a fully automated system. Submit study applications straight from Cohortflow, send student reminders and more.

    cohortflow automate the boring parts

    Easy Analytics & Compliances

    Cohortflow collects and aggregates your data for you, so you can make business decisions based on real data.

    cohortflow easy analytics compliances


    Store student details

    Record all of your students’ details & have access to them whenever and wherever.

    Access our products

    Have access to all our products integrated seamlessly into Cohortflow.

    Payment system

    Efficient payment solutions for your students.

    Custom reports

    Create, save & download custom reports to keep track of your student statistics.

    Track applications

    Keep track of each of your students’ study & visa application dates seamlessly.

    Keep track of your tasks

    Easily organise your tasks & appointments with your students.

    Automated contact system

    Keep in contact with your students at different stages during their study & send emails or reminders to them.

    Commissions tracking

    Easily send invoices & track your revenue.


    150 / month, branch
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